Kennedy Heights Park gets a New Boardwalk

Kennedy Heights Park recently received a new boardwalk thanks to a collaboration between the community, the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, Renewed by Robertson LLC., and the Cincinnati Parks team!

The Kennedy Heights community brought forth a concern of a failing and unsound boardwalk along the small wetland within the park. Aligning with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation’s Neighborhood Parks Campaign, funds were supplied for the materials of the new boardwalk. Cord Robertson, owner of Renewed by Robertson LLC., donated his time and knowledge to help complete the repairs. The Cincinnati Parks staff oversaw the project through its completion.

About the Robinson Meadow and Wetland

Kennedy Heights Park boasts the Robinson Meadow and Wetland and a thriving woodland habitat. Wetlands are an important natural resource, capable of supporting a wide variety of plants and wildlife. The woodland habitat features stately oaks, tulip poplars, and beech trees. When walking the new boardwalk, keep an eye out for cardinal flowers, Pink Turtleheads, Narrow Leaved Sunflowers, Spotted Joe-Pye Weed, and Swamp Milkweed.

Sign in Kennedy heights park about the Robinson Wetland and Meadow