Our free 6-week winter hiking challenge, which began on December 14th, embraces nature during these colder months.

Friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-leev), is one Norwegian word that encompasses the significance of bonding with nature, whatever the weather. It means Free, Air, Life – literally! And where better to experience that than in YOUR Cincinnati Parks? We’ve challenged you to pull on your all-weather jacket, some good shoes, and a sense of adventure to get outdoors this winter season!

Did you miss the first few weeks? No worries! You can complete this challenge on your own time and enjoy some fresh air and activity outdoors.


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The Women’s Committee of Cincinnati Parks is a network of community leaders, bonded by the mission of enhancing the landscape of Greater Cincinnati. Members help support the work of Cincinnati Parks Foundation, which funds preservation and programming initiatives that strengthen our parks and our community. 

Since 2006, Women’s Committee members have raised $40MM of private support for the development of John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park. In addition, over $2M has been raised through the annual Hats Off Luncheon, sponsored by the Women’s Committee. 

The Women’s Committee presented the recent Friluftsliv Hiking Challenge and offers volunteer opportunities and workshops throughout the year.  Now is the perfect time to become a member of this impactful group! There are no mandatory obligations and member ship includes engraved recognition at Smale Riverfront Park. 

Learn more and join today!

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