If you have visited Eden Park this winter you may have noticed gates and construction in the lower reservoir. We are pleased to say that this construction is for the Tom Jones Commons which is expected to be completed in the spring.

The Tom Jones Commons will include a walking loop, improved landscaping, trees, and connectivity from the lower reservoir area to Seasongood Pavilion and Mirror Lake. The Cincinnati Park Board has outlined two phases of completion for the Commons.

Phase One- A (Current Phase):

  • Wetlands and an Accessible Boardwalk
  • Accessible Walkways to wetlands area
  • Landscaping of entire area
  • A Picnic Shelter
  • Connection to Mirror Lake
  • Natural Play area
  • A welcome kiosk with histories of the park and its attractions
  • Seating

These improvements to Eden Park are made possible by a generous gift from Tom Jones.


Tom Jones was a long-time resident of Mount Adams who took regular walks through Eden Park. Over the years, he got to know many of the park employees working there. In particular, Tom grew close with then park manager, Casey McCann. “I really got to know all of [the Eden Park staff]. It was the friendly waves, the friendly greetings that really made Eden Park special to me. I felt like part of the family… I became part of the park, thanks to those people,” Tom said. These special relationships and his fondness for Eden Park inspired Tom to give back to his neighborhood “backyard.”

For the last three years, Tom has worked with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and Cincinnati Park Board on selecting a spot within Eden Park where his gift could be impactful. Development of the lower reservoir area was a project identified in the 2007 Cincinnati Parks Master Plan.