The Countown is On for Cincy Gives!

Every day, the Cincinnati Parks Foundation works to do more in Cincinnati Parks. We believe in the power of parks and are on a mission to create vibrant, accessible, resilient parks for all. By doing more in parks, we make sure that each visitor gets the most from them. Every hike, every litter clean up, and every tree planted shapes the experience of the next visitor.

Please join us in supporting Cincinnati Parks Foundation during the Cincy Gives Challenge from November 27 to December 7.

Consider giving us a high five to show your appreciation for our work in Cincinnati Parks. By giving just $5, we can all do even more in our parks.

WHAT Give to Cincinnati Parks Foundation during the Cincinnati Gives Challenge.

WHEN: November 27-December 5, 2023

WHERE: Click here to visit our Cincinnati Gives Profile.

HOW: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to learn more.