Six Friluftsliv Hiking Challenges to Get You Outdoors

Our free 6-week winter Friliftsliv Hiking Challenge embraces nature during the colder months. The group challenge ran from December 20, 2021-January 30, 2022. You can still complete the hikes on your own by using the links below!

Friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-leev), is one Norwegian word that encompasses the significance of bonding with nature, whatever the weather. It means Free, Air, Life – literally! And where better to experience that than in YOUR Cincinnati Parks? We’ve challenged you to pull on your all-weather jacket, some good shoes, and a sense of adventure to get outdoors this winter season!


#1: Eden Park

Take a winter stroll through iconic Eden Park – Home to many of our city’s landmarks, centrally located Eden Park features the Cincinnati Art Museum and newly installed Art Climb, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Seasongood Pavilion, the Krohn Conservatory, and the newly completed Tom Jones Commons.

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#2: California Woods

With its 113 acres of forest and year-round education programming, California Woods Nature Preserve offers something for all nature lovers. Nestled in the southeast corner of Cincinnati, this park features a variety of hiking trails, 53 species of trees, more than 200 species of plants, and a designated important Birding Area adjacent to nearby Magrish Preserve.

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#3: Ault Park

Situated on the east side of Cincinnati in the Mt. Lookout neighborhood, Ault Park is the fourth-largest park in Cincinnati at almost 224 acres. Named in honor of Ida and Levi Ault in 1911, this breathtaking hilltop park has an overlook which commands extensive panoramic views of the Little Miami River valley.

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#4: TM Berry International Friendship Park

The Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park, completed in 2003 along the Ohio River just east of downtown, is a sumptuous and award-winning display of sculpture and flora representing five continents, and also features a riverside bike trail and walking paths.

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#5: French Park

Located in Amberley Village, French Park offers miles of hiking trails, creeks, meadows and wooded hillsides, and a distant view of downtown Cincinnati.  Sitting in the middle of the park is the French House – the focal point of this beloved 275-acre neighborhood park, donated by Herbert Greer French. 

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#6: Alms Park

Located atop Mt. Tusculum on the east side of Cincinnati in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood, this hilltop 94-acre park was given to the Park Board in 1916 as a memorial to Frederick H. Alms by his wife. Alms Park is most known for its scenic overlooks that offer incredible views of Lunken Airport, the gigantic bend of the Ohio River, the Little Miami River juncture, and the rolling hills of Kentucky.

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The Women’s Committee of Cincinnati Parks is a network of community leaders, bonded by the mission of enhancing the landscape of Greater Cincinnati. Members help support the work of Cincinnati Parks Foundation, which funds preservation and programming initiatives that strengthen our parks and our community. 

Since 2006, Women’s Committee members have raised $40MM of private support for the development of John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park. In addition, over $2M has been raised through the annual Hats Off Luncheon, sponsored by the Women’s Committee. 

The Women’s Committee presented the recent Friluftsliv Hiking Challenge and offers volunteer opportunities and workshops throughout the year.  Now is the perfect time to become a member of this impactful group! There are no mandatory obligations and membership includes engraved recognition at Smale Riverfront Park. 

Learn more and join today!

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