Grassroots Fundraisers Rally for Pickleball Renovations

Pickleball is a wildly popular sport sweeping the nation. It inspires comparisons to badminton, ping pong, and tennis. Played as doubles on a badminton-size court (1/3 the size of a traditional tennis court), players strategically hit a light plastic ball over a net. The Economist has named pickleball as the “fastest growing sport in America,” with more than four million people playing annually. Like many other cities, its popularity has taken hold in Cincinnati. The courts at Sawyer Point host a vibrant community of players of all ages.

Sawyer Point Court Renovations

Last year, the Cincinnati Park Board and City of Cincinnati agreed to invest in reinventing the Sawyer Point tennis courts into a world-class facility. They plan to update the facility by installing twelve dedicated pickleball courts and maintaining four tennis courts with eight pickleball courts overlain. The planned updates feature new nets, ball barriers, shading solutions, and all-weather surfacing. Lighting, court points of entry, the facility office, and the restrooms will also be updated.

Advocates believe the renovated facility will host regional and national tournaments in the years ahead. The increased traffic of traveling enthusiasts to the area can bring dollars into the community and a needed boost to Cincinnati Parks’ parking revenue. However, the greatest benefit of the renovated courts is that they will remain free and open to all who wish to play.

The Grassroots Fundraisers Rallying for the Cause

The community of Sawyer Park pickleball players who have spearheaded this effort—led by Gary Lessis—are serving success in their campaign for a permanent facility maintenance endowment. To date, they have raised nearly $87,000 in less than two months! We are inspired by their generosity, grateful for their partnership.

If you would like to learn more about this community of pickleball players, visit their Facebook Group: Pickleball at Sawyer Point.