Through the generosity of our donors (known as the Stewards of Burnet Woods) we have raised over $100,000 for several capital improvements within Burnet Woods. This community-led fundraising campaign, which began in 2019, is producing wonderful improvements in this beloved Clifton neighborhood park. In addition, the Foundation leveraged these funds to match a $10,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation which supports the Park Board’s removal of 13 different types of invasive species from the park.

Thanks to the generosity of the Fink Family, the Foundation now offers FREE wellness programming in the park in partnership with World Peace Yoga. While some classes are postponed due to COVID-19, the Community Yoga class is now offered virtually via Zoom.


To date, the following projects have been completed in the park:

  • “Permit Only” Parking Signs have been removed around the Bandstand
  • New Burnet Woods Park identification sign is installed on Clifton Ave.
  • Existing sign poles are straightened
  • New LED lights are installed at Valley Shelter
  • New lights are installed at the Upper Shelter
  • Wood railings are replaced at the Fishing Station
  • Light poles are painted at the Upper Shelter
  • Railings are painted at the lake
  • Bike Racks are purchased
  • 40 new picnic tables (including ADA accessible tables) are installed
  • Partial trail renovations including new bridges and steps are complete
  • Bollards to close off the center roadway to cars are ordered
  • A short-term stormwater management plan is developed


Keep an eye out for the following improvements which are yet to be completed:

  • Prepping and painting remaining light poles
  • Applying anti-graffiti coating to the Upper Shelter
  • Installing a concrete pad and two bike racks
  • Installing two recycling containers at Trailside Nature Center
  • Installing bollards on the center roadway
  • More honeysuckle removal
  • Repairs on boardwalk and wildlife viewing station
  • Landscape plan development
  • Designing and installing a new playground
  • New walkway at the east side of the lake
  • Pedestrian improvements near the lake and Trailside Nature Center
  • Removal of the center road with a new entrance road at Clifton Ave.

Learn more about you can join our Stewards of Burnet Woods campaign on our website or by contacting [email protected]. Thank you to all of the generous donors who have made this campaign a success and who are making a real, lasting impact in Burnet Woods.