Stewards of Burnet Woods Logo

A special restricted fund within the Cincinnati Parks Foundation to support capital improvements and accessory structures for Burnet Woods. Join us, as a Steward of Burnet Woods to restore the park back to its original glory.

Your membership provides a direct line of support to our beloved Burnet Woods. You’ll also receive special invitations to four limited-admission events throughout the year, free for Stewards only. In addition to making a true impact with your gift, you’ll receive acknowledgment as a major donor to Cincinnati Parks, listed as a member of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation’s Oak Society. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with Board members, volunteers and other Park advocates throughout our City.

Why 100?
5-year plan with 4 years of Fundraising & implementation of capital improvements with the 5th year’s funds providing an endowment for the continued maintenance of these structures. The financial model is based on 100 families and/or individuals giving to help us establish a budget to support capital needs within Burnet Woods.

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