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We are to be on the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital list of be.well program partners by sponsoring the program in Cincinnati Parks. With collaboration between parks, healthcare providers, and community partners, we are improving the lives of children and families who need it most. Part of Cincinnati Parks Foundation’s mission is to activate park spaces through engaged programming. This partnership helps meet the health goals of the Cincinnati community through the healing power of parks.

Each year, this partnership will allow for hundreds of children with disabilities and their families to get outdoors and exercise together for FREE. Each program begins with a pre-assessment by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital staff and concludes with a post-assessment.

Summer Adaptive Martial Arts Session June 12- July 17

Join PRO Martial Arts and the be.well team at Smale Riverfront Park as we complete a 5-week introduction to martial arts. The 45-minute classes will be taught outdoors and in-person at the Park’s labyrinth on Saturdays at 2:15pm. Sessions will include formal bowing, warm up routines, and technical practice including stances, blocks, punching, and kicking.

Exercise routines, activities, games, and drills will be led by a Master and supported by junior peer leaders from the PRO Martial Arts dojo. Participants must be accompanied by an adult and will be asked to bring their own water to practices. All participants will receive a white belt at the start of our season and will be earn a belt promotion at our Board Breaking finale on July 17.

All abilities are welcome and encouraged! Enrollment is open now!

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Person in a wheelchair does karate at the Smale Riverfront Park labyrinth
The Labyrinth at Smale Riverfront Park