Second Round of CPAC Grant Recipients Awarded

In 2019, the Cincinnati Parks Foundation created a CPAC Grant Program to provide financial and logistical support to each CPAC across the city. “We believe that the best people to program their own neighborhood park is the community members who live around and play in those parks. They understand their community’s wants and needs the best. We give them the resources and tools to support their plans,” said Foundation Executive Director, Jennifer Spieser.

The second round of CPAC Grants have been awarded. The current grantees are:

Laboiteaux Woods Advisory Council, College Hill – The Laboiteaux Woods Restoration Days will be held on October 16 and October 30. Participants are invited to join for community volunteer workdays to remove invasive species in the park. They will also be provided with free food and a t-shirt.

Mt. Airy Forest Advisory Council, Mt. Airy – The second annual Mt. Airy Forest Silent Disco will be held on October 9 (rain date, October 16). Participants will be provided with headphones that directly connect to the DJs so they can dance their hearts out.

Olden View Park Advisory Council, Price Hill – The Family Day at Olden View Park on July 3 included family-friendly activities and a petting zoo for families to enjoy.

Rapid Run Park Advisory Council , Price Hill – The Rapid Run Sunset Celebration will be held September 25, between 6-9 p.m. Participants will enjoy free live music, canoeing, light food, yoga, and other family-friendly activities.

Burnet Woods Park Advisory Council, Clifton/CUF – Fall Fest in Burnet Woods will be on October 23 from 1-6pm (rain date October 24). Participants will enjoy a variety of activities like pumpkin carving (free if you bring your own pumpkin, ~$5 to purchase a pumpkin), pumpkin painting, assemble-your-own bird houses (for purchase), sidewalk chalk art, nature hikes, live music, and more.

Learn how you can get involved in a CPAC by visiting the Cincinnati Parks website.

See photos from CPAC Grant Supported Programs in 2019 below.