Based on the best information currently available regarding public health, and on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Cincinnati Parks Foundation is pivoting this year’s Hats Off Luncheon into a hybrid event in place of the traditional mass gathering event. We’re excited to introduce you to: Hats Off Around the World, Picnic in Your Parks! We’re going to celebrate the Hats Off Luncheon a little differently this year, experiencing our diverse and resilient community coming together across our many parks—while staying safely distanced. Join us and help raise the critical funds for preservation and programming initiatives that benefit all of us today, as well as future generations. Cincinnati Parks are for everyone – now more than ever.On October 2nd, we invite you to take a small group of family or friends to your favorite neighborhood Cincinnati Park to partake in a community picnic.You will receive a collapsible, insulated picnic basket which includes:

  • A curated lunch for two by Eat Well Celebrations
  • Prosecco splits with flutes
  • A multi-cultural decoration from milliner Abby Langdon
  • Other picnic essentials
  • PLUS enjoy our Hats Off Luncheon video “special” featuring entertainment, music, a message from Parks leadership and sponsors, and a celebration of posthumous Phyllis W. Smale award winners, Donald and Marian Spencer
  • NEW THIS YEAR: For every picnic basket purchased, in addition to supporting our mission, a donation will be made from the Cincinnati Parks Foundation to the Cincinnati Recreation Commission, to provide meals for children experiencing food insecurity.