CPF Partners with Community Organization Aimed at Stopping Gun Violence

Gun violence and declining mental health are on the rise, presenting major problems for the community. Luckily there are local organizations that are taking a creative approach to mentoring youth, promoting de-escalation techniques, and hosting community building events to stop gun violence in Cincinnati. One organization is Reach A Youth Teach A Youth, founded by Stephan Pryor.

Reach a Youth Teach a Youth is a grassroots non-profit dedicated to improving mental wellbeing, providing educational attainment, and providing mentorship opportunities for youth and families in the City of Cincinnati. Reach a Youth Teach a Youth is working hard to promote a strong message of stopping gun violence. Their free, uplifting events engage youth from across the city by offering fun activities such as remote control boat races and kite flying within Cincinnati Parks. Their family-oriented events help make stronger families, stronger neighborhoods, and contribute to a decrease in violence in the community.

This year, the Cincinnati Parks Foundation partnered with Reach a Youth Teach a Youth to provide a new fleet of RC boats to be used within Cincinnati Parks. The programs are a natural fit in the Foundation’s mission to activate and improve neighborhood parks, ensuring they are accessible to all.

If you see Stephan and other Reach A Youth Teach A Youth volunteers out in the parks this summer, be sure to thank them for taking action to improve the lives of others!