COVID-19 Can’t Cancel Spring Blooms

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We all can admit that this is an uneasy time. Schools are closed along with all of our favorite restaurants, gyms, and community centers. Due to orders from local and state governments, all social events are cancelled. However, it seems Mother Nature missed the “cancel everything” memo because spring blooms are proceeding as planned!

Take some time to get out of your house and go visit a Cincinnati Park (while following safe social distancing). Right now is the time that spring blooms are starting to explode all over the city. Want help identifying those spring blooms you found? Check out this article from Cincinnati Parks: Experience the Beauty of Spring in Cincy.


Eden Park Hinkle Magnolia Garden

People walking among the Magnolia trees blooming in Eden Park

At the corner of Eden Park Drive and Martin Drive, across from the Krohn Conservatory, is the Hinkle Gazebo and Magnolia Garden. This garden is often used for weddings and special occasions because of its stunning beauty. Daffodils are blooming now and early April is the peak time for the magnolia trees. (If you want to catch even more blooms, walk up the street to Mirror Lake and enjoy the flowering rosebud and cherry trees that line the lake.)

NOTE: This is a popular location! In order to continue to practice safe social distancing, we recommend visiting this park on off hours. Try going very early in the morning or enjoying a sunset. Remember, if a park appears crowded, choose another park! You can also see beautiful magnolia trees at Annwood Park or the Mt. Airy Forest Arboretum.


Ault Park Cherry Tree Grove

Blooming cherry trees

There are two groves of cherry trees in Ault Park. The Kwanzan Cherry tree grove is on the hillside slopes along Observatory Drive near the intersection of East Observatory Hill. The Japanese Cherry blossom tree grove is located at the park intersection of Observatory Avenue and Ault Park Drive. These trees bloom in late March through April with delicate pink and white flowers. Take a seat under the flowering trees for a perfect picnic.

NOTE: This is a popular location! In order to continue to practice safe social distancing, we recommend visiting this park on off hours. Cincinnati Parks’ staff suggest viewing the blossoms from your car.

Smale Riverfront Park

Blooming daffodils

The Riverfront Parks’ florists have been working hard to prepare for the spring blooms. With careful landscape design planning, the team intentionally planted to create the longest bloom display possible. Right now at Smale Riverfront Park you can find TONS of daffodils, crocuses, and Virginia bluebells. A few of the tulips are beginning to open, along with hyacinths and other wildflowers. Take a stroll through the park and watch the flowerbeds explode with a brilliant display of colors.


California Woods Trillium Trail

Blooming spring beauty flower

Located in California Woods Nature Preserve, the Trillium Trail offers a chance to see a multitude of wildflowers. Blooming now through late April you can find yellow trout lilies, Dutchman’s breeches, spring beauty, and trillium. Keep in mind that while almost all Cincinnati Parks welcome leashed dogs, California Woods is a dog-free preserve.


Nature’s Not Cancelled

We encourage all Cincinnatians to take advantage of the parks during this difficult time. Studies show that getting outdoors can boost your mood and improve your mental health. Get out and enjoy the beautiful blooms of spring.

We may have social distancing, but we don’t have to be socially isolated! We’d love to see your spring bloom adventure! Take a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Some Considerations
If you feel sick, please stay home! Remember that Mayor Cranley has ordered people to keep a distance of six feet between them in all public places (parks, sidewalks, other communal areas). Please read and follow the COVID-19 precautions at the Centers for Disease Control website