Friends of Parks

Remarkable cities need extraordinary parks and greenspaces. And, WOW, Cincinnati is a remarkable city!

Like you, visitors to our great city marvel at the beauty of Cincinnati Parks. Each day, your parks make an impact. Well-designed, safe and connected parks are critical for personal health, natural environment, economic well-being and overall quality of lift.

Your top-rated urban parks system brings people together around shared values and serves as the foundation for community cohesion. Parks promote equality and common identity; they represent accessible, collective shared spaces for all!

How do Cincinnati Parks impact your lift? How do you engage with Cincinnati Parks?

Did you know? … Cincinnati Parks:

  • Cover 10% of Cincinnati’s landmass
  • Touch all Cincinnati neighborhoods, with 75 neighborhood parks and 80,000+ street trees
  • Anchor our community regions, with 5 regional parks and 7 riverfront parks
  • Promote community health with more than 65 miles of hiking trails and 52 playgrounds
  • Spark curiosity at 5 nature centers and 1 conservatory and with 300+ works of public art
  • Conserve natural beauty and habitats at 34 preserves and nature areas
  • Engage your four-legged friends at 3 dog parks

Become a Friend of Cincinnati Parks today! Your gift to Cincinnati Parks Foundation helps build and sustain Cincinnati’s thriving system of parks and greenspaces for all people.