Ezzard Charles Statue in Laurel Park

Join us as we create the world’s first interactive sculpture in Cincinnati; a statue of Ezzard Charles, a West End native and professional boxer, former World Heavyweight Champion and lifelong humanitarian.

Cincinnati Parks Foundation is proud to partner with:

 Activations unique to the Ezzard Charles statue include a mobile platform and programming embraced by the community. These activations will enhance the health, quality of life and wellness of Cincinnati’s historic West End neighborhood.

This project also supports itself and the greenspace surrounding Cincinnati’s beautiful Laurel Park. Laurel Park was established as a result of the construction of Union Terminal. Located along Ezzard Charles Drive, this crescent-shaped park is perfectly situated between several churches and schools.

Ezzard Charles was a West End resident, a heavyweight champion of the world for three years, a downtown entrepreneur, a renowned jazz enthusiast and a brilliant Renaissance man. Who better to be represented Laurel Park but the great Ezzard Charles. West End residents will see him standing tall in Laurel Park, on the street named for him. His statue will connect and respect the neighborhood’s history and inspire today’s young people.

We Believe In Ezz from We Have Become Vikings on Vimeo.

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