Commemorative Benches

Honor a loved one with a dedicated bench in her/his favorite Cincinnati Park. Commemorative benches are available for a donation of $3,000* or more, which includes the bench, plaque, and maintenance of the bench.

Selection & Installation

Bench styles are chosen based on overall park architecture and placement. These factors are determined by Cincinnati Parks manager and superintendent to ensure that the commemorative bench will enhance the beauty of the park.

When completing the donation form, you may identify up to three preferred bench styles for consideration, including (pending preferred park, certain styles may not be approved):

Installation depends on the time of year request is received, approval and availability of the bench style as well as the number of preceding orders. Benches are installed at approved sites in the requests orders are received.

You may select up to three preferred parks for consideration. If you choose to request a specific location(s) within preferred park(s), please include in the comments field of the donation form. However, the final location approved will be determined by park staff based on the needs of the park.

Benches can be requested to be placed at most Cincinnati Parks, until they reach maximum capacity. Please note that many parks located downtown/in the urban core are not accepting commemorative benches at this time, including, but not limited to, John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park, Washington Park, Piatt Park and Lytle Park. 

* Please note that the donation does not cover new concrete footings or other needs for new bench installation. 


Included with each commemorative bench is a plaque installed on the back slats. A maximum of 60-65 characters is recommended.
Please note that “Cincinnati Parks Foundation 20xx” will be printed on the bottom of each plaque.

Maintenance Period

The donation maintenance period will last 10 years. Within this time, Cincinnati Parks Foundation will replace the bench or plaque, in the event of damage, at no cost to the donor. After ten years, the bench will be available for renewal for the cost of a new donation, with the first right of refusal given to the original donor. If the original donor opts not to renew, the donated bench and plaque may be removed or rededicated at any time.

Donation Form

Please complete the donation form below. Once received, Cincinnati Parks Foundation will initiate the process, seeking approval from the park superintendent and manager. Once all details have been approved and confirmed, the Foundation will provide a map of installation.

If you have any special requests, such as installation schedule, please include in comments section of donation form.
For additional questions, please call the Cincinnati Parks Foundation office at (513) 861-0023 or email Financial Director Steve Landers at  

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