With the help of generous donors in the community, we are supporting the revitalization of Hyde Park Square.

Hyde Park Square’s Island Park, is an active and beloved gathering space in the center of Hyde Park, which features eclectic shops and eateries. It is the centerpiece of Sunday Farmer’s Markets, the Hyde Park Art Show, and is the perfect place to spend a quiet summer evening.

In 2019, the Cincinnati Park Board, Cincinnati Parks Foundation, and private donors funded the renovation of the Center Island Park in Hyde Park Square. Although some progress was slowed due to COVID-19 related furloughs early in 2020, all renovations have been completed.

Improvements include:

  • Sidewalks in the park are now widened and a new accessible drinking fountain is installed.

  • A new perimeter fence and backless benches are installed to improve pedestrian safety and to afford better views of the park.

  • The lawn was refreshed with new turf and a new fast-growing spruce tree is planted.

  • Removal of dead hedgerows around the perimeter of the park, to be replaced with new boxwood hedges on all sides of the park.

  • Replanting east-end and west-end flower beds with new flowering perennials.