Join the Hiking Club

It’s free! Joining the Hiking Club is a great way to meet new friends, exercise your body and mind and experience the beauty of Cincinnati Parks. Our experienced trail guides lead hikes for all fitness levels. You can even bring your pet! (on a leash, please.)

If this is your first time, please arrive a few minutes early and bring the below signed form to your tour guides.

“Hiking with the Cincinnati Parks Hiking Club is not your typical workout. When we’re on the trails, we’re sharing stories and taking in the sights and sounds of the forest. Time flies by, and by the time we’re done, I have a smile on my face and some sweat on my brow. It’s amazing how many calories we burn, and how far we hike even though we hardly notice. Hiking with the Cincinnati Parks Hiking Club is definitely the best part of my week.”

— Emily Otten




Cincinnati Parks Foundation – General liability waiver for Hiking Club