Hiking Club


hiking club logoDo you love spending time outdoors and immersing yourself in all the natural beauty around you?

Become a member of the Hiking Club of Cincinnati Parks Foundation and explore Mt. Airy Forest. Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 am, and Wednesday at 4:30 pm, trail guides will lead you through Mt. Airy Forest to experience beautiful trails.

All trails being and end at Everybody’s Treehouse, 1212 Trail Ridge Rd. Cincinnati, OH. 45223.

Join the Hiking Cub

It’s free! Joining the Hiking Club is a great way to meet new friends, exercise your body and mind and experience the beauty of Cincinnati Parks. Our experienced trail guides lead hikes for all fitness levels. You can even bring your pet (on a leash, please).

If this is your first time, please arrive a few minutes early to sign a waiver. You may also print the waiver ahead of time and bring it with you.

PRINT AND SIGN – General liability waiver for Hiking Club

The Trails

Scenic Trail

Enjoy the beauty of Mt. Airy Forest while taking a relaxing hike through the Scenic Trail. This trail is not only great for getting to know fellow club members but also to get a good work out. It’s not too hard, but it’s enough to get your heart going!


Stone Steps

If you’re after an intense cardio workout, then the Stone Steps are what you are looking for. The hike consists of a moderate walk to the base of the steps before going up the steep incline with stone steps. We finish off the hike by going downhill back to Everybody’s Treehouse. If you are an experienced hiker, or confident in your endurance, give this trail a try.

Our Guides

Ron & Barbara - Hiking Club

Barbara Matthews
Guide since 2011
Cell: (513) 259-4004

Ron Riestenberg
Guide since 2008
Cell: (513) 335-4483

For additional information, contact Barbara Matthews or Ron Riestenberg.