Dynegy has donated 50 trees as part of ongoing reforestation efforts at Mt. Airy Forest’s historic Arboretum. This latest gift from Dynegy comes on the heels of the 60 trees the company donated last year in Mt. Storm Park.

“When it comes to creating a greener, more sustainable Cincinnati, Dynegy is proud to be part of the solution,” said Brad Watson, Dynegy Senior Director of Community Affairs. “Each one of these trees will strengthen our community, giving the next generation the opportunity to enjoy our parks, and the immense benefits that come from a healthy urban tree canopy.”

The Director of Cincinnati Parks Kara Kish said, “We are immensely grateful for the continued generosity of Dynegy and our friends at the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. Donations like this enable us to really move the needle in improving and sustaining natural resources in our parks. We look forward to maintaining these efforts well into the future for the benefit of our parks, residents, and guests.”

The Cincinnati Parks Foundation added, “On behalf of Cincinnati Parks Foundation, we are grateful to partner with Dynegy again for new trees within Mt. Airy Forest. Partnerships like these are crucial in expanding the urban canopy in our neighborhood Parks.”

This donation helps further Cincinnati Parks’ goal of achieving a 40% tree canopy coverage which is part of the Green Cincinnati Plan. This is important because a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment benefits every person in Cincinnati.