In case you somehow missed it, the light, art and projection mapping event known as BLINK finally returned to Cincinnati earlier this month. October 10-13, the free event spanned more than 30 city blocks, filling downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Cincinnati Parks had their own BLINK site located on the Schmidlapp Event Lawn in Smale Riverfront Park! Together, we teamed up with the Smale Family FoundationKolar DesignMoerlein Lager House and the Camping and Education Foundation to create a truly magical place, to share a true love story in a space where all were welcome. Over the course of the weekend, the Campsite was full of friends, families and lovers who explored and admired the tents, giant campfire and hanging illuminated canoes.

The Cincinnati Parks’ Urban Campsite featured a silhouette of two geese intertwined, symbolizing the love story of John and Phyllis Smale (for which Smale Riverfront Park is named). Many years ago, John gave Phyllis a necklace with two geese intertwined, and a note that read, “To my One and Only, geese mate for life.” Within Smale Riverfront Park you’re now able to visit a beautiful sculpture donated by their children of two geese flying in synchronicity, denoting that same simple and loving message. These geese will forever remain a symbol of their love within the Park.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and teams of Kolar Design and Cincinnati Parks for working so hard to make this special installation at BLINK 2019!